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Our Trust

50 years in Military
25 years in MENA
Hassantuk Fire Alarm with Etisalat & MOI
Largest IOT Project owner


Smart Fire and Security & Home Automation
Trident provides various fire and rescue services adapted to our customers requirements. Our strength is in providing leading edge fire and rescue solutions focused on saving lives.
car automation
Connected Cars
Trident is capable to provide a state of the art OBD-II solution which can cater to customers in the Department of Transportation, Private Fleet Owners, Civil Defense Academies, Insurance Organization.
Smart Taxi Meters
Trident offers a Specialized Smart Taxi Dispatch and Fleet Management system which can be availed by both public and private entities. We tend to build and provide an integrated setup convenient for both passengers and Taxi Authorities.
Surveillance Technology
Trident offers a large range of mobile and static video surveillance equipment, a suite of solutions that address critical market needs in military reconnaissance, infrastructure security and transportation safety.
Smart Patrol
Trident has the potential to provide Civil Defense and Police Academies with an ultra-modern Smart Patrol Solution.
Smart School Bus Stop Arm
Influenced by the Western innovation and rising cases of School Bus related casualties, Trident came up with a unique solution of a school bus with its Stop Arm integrated to ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras.

Our Expertise

Smart Fire and Security
Smart automation
Smart Mobility
Connected cars
Connected Cars
IoT Platform
Home Automation
Wireless Communication
Surveillance & Biometric industry
Building Management Systems
Law Enforcement
Smart Utility
Asset Management
Smart Oil & Gas Solution

About Us

Trident Military Equipment Trading, LLC was established in Abu Dhabi in May 2015 to enhance the growing US and UAE business partnerships and international sales opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa region in the Defense and Security sectors.
We specialize in the field of Wireless Communication systems and have a wide experience in the area of Internet of Things. Keeping in mind our extensive experience of almost 50 years in the military and 25 years in the MENA region, we are also licensed for the import and trading of military equipment and various commercial activities.

Our Customers


Founder & CEO

Nasser Al Zaabi
With his years of experience in the Military & Telecom Industry, he has been deploying successful projects nationwide with his very own dynamic team members. A very well recognized individual, Mr. Nasser, has developed deeply rooted business relationships with esteemed government organizations and its peers.